How to Do Your Own "Year-in-Review" (And Why It's Important) | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

How to Do Your Own “Year-in-Review” (And Why It’s Important)

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Before we say goodbye to January, I want to give you a few tools to help you accelerate into what God has for you this year.

I shared these with the people on my team earlier this month so they could do their own “year-in-review.” They found them really helpful, so I want to share them with you, too.

Start with this 7-question exercise

If you haven’t done one yet, now is a great time to do your own year-in-review. It will help you get a better picture of how to be in God’s timing for your life.

Ask yourself the following 7 questions and write down the answers:

  1. What has God been speaking to me over the past year?
  2. Are there any unresolved tasks I need to take care of? Things God called me to do, that I left undone?
  3. What prayers were answered?
  4. What new things happened in my life?
  5. What progress did I make? Where did I grow? Write down the positive.
  6. What was fun for me this past year?
  7. Make a list of all the major things that happened—good and bad. But don’t focus only on the bad or difficult.

Then make a “MORE or LESS” list

Based on what you discovered about yourself above, the next step is to make another list by asking yourself:

  • What do I want MORE of in this year?
    Be honest. For example, do you want more fun, more joy, more relationships, more time off, more time with God?
  • What do I want LESS of this year?
    This may seem obvious: less heartache, less confusion, etc. But oftentimes, saying “yes” to one thing requires saying “no” to another. Some “good” things might need to end up on your LESS list to make room for those on your MORE list. Be sure to pray and ask God!

Use the BELT for breakthrough

This is where you begin to accelerate into the next year. BELT is an acronym I created to help people develop a breakthrough lifestyle.

If you are someone who struggles with procrastination or distraction, use this BELT exercise and build it into your lifestyle. It will deal with procrastination.

  • B = Build a Daily Foundation
    I begin my day with a time set aside for hearing God, reading the Bible and praying. I’m a morning person, so that works for me. Do what will work best for you. It might be over lunch or after your kids go to bed.
  • E = Eliminate Fear
    Fear is 4-letter word, and it is a demonic spirit that wants to kill your dreams and steal your breakthrough. It is the opposite of God’s perfect love and it needs to be eliminated from your life.
  • L = Learn to Discern the Voice of God
    It’s important not to assume anything in this new season. The way God spoke to you in the past may not be the way He’s going to now.
  • T = Transform Any Limiting Beliefs
    Our belief systems are usually formed in us by age 8. That is why it is so important to renew or reprogram your mind. The key is to begin seeing yourself in your full potential in God.

For example: Instead of believing, “I can’t change this area of my life,” transform your thinking to: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13) and “I am a new creation in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

For more coaching and tools like the ones above, check out my online self-coaching toolkit, Unlocking Your Breakthrough.


Doug Addison

Doug Addison is the founder and President of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is best known for his Daily Prophetic Words and Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and acceptance reaches people around the world! His powerful, lighthearted style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their spiritual identity and personal destiny as they experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.


14 thoughts on “How to Do Your Own “Year-in-Review” (And Why It’s Important)

  1. Dolly Hearns says:

    So many good things has happen 2017 Grandson return home back to lord Aaron Charaman + playing music church+ kim charaman return back to lord + said she will give me trip to Isreal when I am ready ,buy me a better van I got old95 fix+ 2018 I got my job back from gh care apart from the on going wfare I am bless+ highly favor by my heavenly Father Expecting SEER ANOINTING+ OPEN HEAVEN over my life+ everyone+ this NATION

  2. Gail Bowman says:

    Hello Doug;
    Thank you for this tool. It helped me, more that I thought it would. I am greatly blessed by your words of prophecy, inspiration and encouragement. God bless you!
    Blessings from Canada

      • Constance K Ulery says:

        I’m grateful for this and daily prophetic words. Because my funds are limited and ready designated to other ministries, I ask God to bless you in ways I cannot at this time. Let your return on this you offer to us be multiplied many times on earth and in the world to come. I bless you brother with more than you can contain.

  3. Gularani says:

    Thank you Doug. Being blessed by your teachings. My writings; shelved for 3 years, have resurfaced & I’m certain the Lord wants me to get it published. And am encouraged by ‘Year in review” & how to proceed fr there. Blessings from Malaysia.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      How cool Gularani! That is so exciting! Agreeing with you for your writing to be blessed and to be a blessing to all who read it!

  4. Roshell Claiborne says:

    Thank you… this was so good, I am on a mission to grow and hear God more this year.. and this valuable tool is a blessing, I am going to use it. Blessings always and thank you for being obedient to God’s Word!🙏🏾
    I always look forward daily to reading your prophetic word!😀❤️🙏🏾

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