“Heaven’s Recovery Plan Is Here!” | Spirit Connection Webcast: March 2018

“Heaven’s Recovery Plan Is Here!”

The Wind of Change is still blowing this month, but in a more subtle way than in times past. The spiritual storms we are seeing are actually distractions from the enemy.

Doors that have been closed in the past are now about to open through strategies released from Heaven.

Many who experienced financial ruin and delay of what the Lord was doing in their lives 4 years ago can expect those things to begin to come forward! The Lord revealed a 5-step financial recovery plan from Matthew 6 & 7:

  1. Ask God for clear vision (Matthew 6:22–23)
  2. Get healed of the love of money and the world system (Matthew 6:24)
  3. Trust and do not worry (Matthew 6:25)
  4. Do not judge others (Matthew 7:1–2)
  5. Ask, seek and knock for the strategy (Matthew 7:7)

This is a time of the Book of Your Purpose being opened, but the old season must be allowed to die and fall away. It is a time to break out of fear and receive the new season the Lord is releasing.

A 40-day fast from negativity has been called to clear the airways and open the heavens to release the coming revival in California and around the world.
Doug prayed activation prayers and released the 5-part recovery plan over everyone. PLUS: Q&A with questions from the viewers in the chat room.

Bible verses in this episode:

Luke 18:22; Matthew 6:22–25; Matthew 7:1–2, 7; Mark 4:35–41; John 12:24; Galatians 6:7; Genesis 41: Phillip. 2:14–15.

Links in this episode:

  1. Join the 40-Day Negativity Fast to open the heavens in CA for revival! https://dougaddison.com/CAfast
  2. Prophetic Word: Let the Days of Justice & Repayment Begin
  3. Understanding the Courts of Heaven: Part 1 & Part 2 replays are available through March 31: https://dougaddison.store/product/courts-of-heaven/
  4. Our Team’s “March Favorites” is the Dream Crash Course and Understand Your Dreams Now. https://dougaddison.store/team-favorites/march/

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