Easy Ways to See in the Spirit | Doug Addison with Jamie Galloway [Episode 72] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Easy Ways to See in the Spirit | Doug Addison with Jamie Galloway [Episode 72]

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Are you missing a “God moment” hidden in plain sight?

As you’ve heard me say, God is speaking and showing us things all of the time. Seeing in the spirit is fun, and everyone—including you— can do it! We just need to learn to discern what we see in both the natural and in the supernatural, how they’re connected and what God is communicating through them.

In this Spirit Connection episode, my special guest is my good friend Jamie Galloway. He’s been a pastor, church-planter, conference speaker and has authored several books including Supernatural Revolution and Secrets of the Seer. Jamie and I go way back doing wild and crazy prophetic ministry in conferences and in the streets.

Today, Jamie and I dive into the deep end of the pool and discuss how everyone can see in the invisible, spiritual realm. You’ll learn some practical keys to use in your everyday life to develop the eyes of your spirit. We’ll also share our personal journeys into the multifaceted seer gift.

  • By the end of this podcast, you’ll understand:
  • The different ways God shows us pictures
  • Why our imagination is so important

The difference between having a seer nature, operating in the seer gift and the office of the seer.

And don’t worry about making mistakes as you practice … it is a journey and it will take some experimentation to operate in this gift. God is awakening a childlike curiosity in His people to experiment with seeing and sensing things in the supernatural—and a realm of abundance will open up to you as you dive in and try it!

Visit Jamie Galloway’s Website: https://jamiegalloway.com/

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20 thoughts on “Easy Ways to See in the Spirit | Doug Addison with Jamie Galloway [Episode 72]

  1. Rhonda says:

    I believe the Lord has shown me that I am a seer, office if a prophet. If I’m stating that correctly. I do discern things in the spirit realm that it seems othets do not. I do want to see more & want to visit Heaven & God’s courts. He has shown me about the alters & such. I didn’t handle it greatly but am still trying to learn more.

  2. Viv R Harvey says:

    Thank you!!

    I WANT this to increase!Proverbs 2:1-7
    I just looked up to see these verses I printed out, and posted on the wall of our study..
    I WANT this to increase…

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Robert! We do not have the link. You can try googling it and seeing what come up or you can always contact Jamie Galloway’s ministry and see if they have that information.

  3. Anna G says:

    This had an amazing impact on me!! I was deeply moved by the honestly and spirit filled child like faith that came from Jamie and Doug as they shared their hearts and experience. Wow. Thank you both so much for coming together to do this podcast, your words were so powerful. Seeing tiny specks of gold is real, and I needed the reminder not to doubt that when I see them, they are indeed the glory of God. Thank you again for sharing your stories.

  4. Cathy L Lach says:

    Amen!! I want to see your gift to manifest more
    In the natural.I see a lot in dreams and Visions I want to have it manifest in the natural more.. bless you and thank you so much these messages and guests!

  5. Keith Velcich says:

    Great podcast! One of Dougs best.
    What resonated with me was how Doug and Jamie brought imagination, consciousness, and neuroscience into the discussion of communicating with God.

    The relationship of mind and spirit was especially interesting to me. I believe Jamie is correct in stressing the importance of that relationship and getting to know God better.

    Thank Doug for another outstanding guest who brought more insight on heart, mind, Spirit and how when they are in harmony a portal to God appears to open up.

    Thank you again.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Awesome feedback! I agreeing with you, this was one of my favorites too. Thanks for sharing your input Keith! God bless you!

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