Special Prophetic Release: What Went Wrong with the Prophets?

Many prophets have been prophesying a different outcome for the 2020 election. I want to address this head-on and offer prophetic insight and understanding if you’re struggling with the results of the election. 

In the video message below, I answer many questions and share the heart of the Lord on this. We also pray a prayer to bring peace to the storm and unity to our nation.

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The prophets have heard the heart of the Lord, and the Lord has credited many with righteousness for standing with the truth. Yet, there are many questions surrounding what has happened.

In this special prophetic release, I share insight into many questions such as:

  • What impact does the 1.6+ million people who have died during the pandemic have in Heaven?
  • Why didn’t the prophets know how the election would turn out?
  • How does the shaking of the nations we have experienced in 2020 affect the future?
  • How will God use all of this to bring greater glory to His house?
  • How can we keep unity and peace in these conflicting times?
  • What is Satan’s main attack against us now?




Doug Addison

Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.



    • Lisa
    • December 18, 2020

    Hello InLightConnection and Doug,
    (Isaiah 49:24-26) “Who can snatch the plunder of war from the hands of a warrior? Who can demand that a tyrant let his captives go? But the Lord says, “The captives of the warriors will be released, and the plunder of tyrants will be retrieved. For I will for those who fight you, and I will save your children. I will feed your enemies with their own flesh…” I think I wrote a book here rather than commenting. I realize it may never get posted for all maybe not even read because its so long. If Doug or one or two people from your office read it thats awesome. Was about to leave the house for errands and took time time to watch your video titled “What Went Wrong with the Prophets” and came back home and wrote this. What do you mean by the title?? With a few words it could send a message people can misunderstand. It could cause people to question any truth that has been spoken by True prophets of today. Its too soon to test the prophets about this election anyways. God has only just started to take what the enemy has meant for harm to turn it around for our good! The election is not over & none of the exposed evils of our government can be hidden anymore!! Satan hates the light and exposure! This is not over! In one moment God can do anything and change everything! And He will!! I declare miracles in this election will give us another chance through President Trump and Gods Hand in and upon all things coming against us. I love what you share in all your videos but perhaps change that title to one that better reflects what is shared on the video? Already the news media delivers fake news and the titles of their videos are the first misleading part of every posting. The lying voice of satan and demonic realm thru the media twisting and creating a false picture of what we are “seeing” and “hearing” with our natural senses, is one thing. And then plain facts, the truth is another. And what God says and is doing is another even as He is uses them all like a tool to lead us into His light. Seems to me that anyone who walks in the prophetic would know that we cannot go by what we see or even hear and that we must go by what God sees, says and knows.Thats faith in action. The timeline for the election is NOT over, yet we are being told that Joe Biden is our President! By NO means!! We cannot give up before God has had a chance to answer our cries for His intervention. He IS answering and Hes not finished! He is only getting started! I have been closely following the Lord in my own life and prayer life many years and I hear His voice and he gives me visions and shows me great and mighty things I do not know, although I have no platform or title and Im not a “prophet.” I feel called as an intercessor and I see and hear from God, like many and wow have I been interceding. But Im not posting everything I hear and see online like many. But it really really bothers me to hear talk about the prophets as if theyve all made some huge “mistake” and it sends a message that this whole thing is done and we might as well give up!! No way! Everything is at stake that is precious. Theres a bigger plan the enemy has and part of it is to steal away Gods timeline from our lives and to steal souls and destroy every good thing. I fully believe that Mr Trump will be our President again and that God is going to do such mighty things! Like Psalm 91 says ..” we will see with our eyes the wicked punished” When you see Biden sitting in front of a backdrop that says “Office of the President Elect” its a facade. Theres no such thing as that office! There is a huge smokescreen of deception set up by satan thru the media, its outrageous, as a lot of us now see! Everything we have seen and heard on the mainstream news is not the truth or there is in your face cover ups of crimes and evil committed against people and God! I am only one person and I dont know everything but have carefully pursued the truth in the natural as well as what is going on in the spiritual realm. There is both to consider. God always involves people in all He does on this earth. But God above all else! I do not watch mainstream news, all lies. Seems we all should have learned by now that Our God is often an 11th Hour God! He is simply allowing the demonic realm, satan to be more and more exposed both politically and in our society as a whole so we can see what is truly good and truly evil, standing side by side. God has a plan which He is working out simply waiting for satan and those cooperating with him to get caught in their own net. God has a plan. God is fed up as we now finally are and He will begin to truly judge the wicked. The people must see what has been covered up by the enemy for so long so so long. They wont believe it until they hear and see in the natural the things that God is revealing supernaturally. Thats human nature. Only God can reveal evil even while changing hearts. The darkness must be revealed so everyone who wants to see will see, and if not following the Lord, they soon will when they see the darkness exposed, and, finally, sothat we, Gods people, will repent, pray & ask. God wants us to pray so He can answer us! Prayer changes not just what is happening, but it changes us. And He is at work mightily! God is drawing us to Him and moving us to repent, turn and those of us following Him already, He is moving us deeper by “allowing” this to drag on and not just some easy victory, otherwise the darkness would remain and continue as always. God takes longer than we would like because He is doing such deep and mighty things!! Evil roots are being uprooted and new seeds are being planted and lush crops will rise up to feed many with the fruit of Truth! Amen! There are endless examples of God changing His mind when His people pray in the Bible. Moses praying for Gods mercy on the Israelites. Abraham praying over his family lingering in Sodom and Gomorrah. Prayer moves God. These are examples. He has His Hand completely on this election and everything else. Satans been in charge but now God is done with that! But we are expected to repent, pray and trust and to find the truth and walk in it and bring others with us. We have a chance to walk in righteousness and to turn to God in the fullest extent. He knows we dont do that unless we are desperate. I now realize just how much governments DO affect us all especially when the devil has been able to take control of it through the legal rights sin gives him. God has always worked thru government and kings and titled people all thru out History and so has satan so despite not wanting to make everything “political” a lot of this really is, its a big part of the spiritual warfare for every nation. Satan is the counterfeit and the darkness of Gods truth and light. There is a bigger picture, as in the “whole forest”. And then there are the trees in that forest. God is in every one of those trees and the forest as a whole too. And satan tries to hide pits between every tree for man to fall into. Maybe you dont watch the news, but if you do please watch Newsmax, NTD, Victory Channel for the news NOT mainstream CNN, CBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg and pray for discernment as you watch. The satanic realm is behind the media. Most us know that now. Greed, lust and power so ugly and dark and evil. This has really shown me how utterly ugly sin is and there is no sin too small to be evil as it can grow deep roots that take hold and choke out good that has been planted. I recommend entering “First Harvest Ministries” in YouTube or Rumble and listening to Shane Vaughn when it comes to the election. Hes a pastor and has a testimony of how God only recently began using him to encourage the people with the truth and to expose the lies of satan using online platform. He does very well to explain the truth vs the lie going on in our courts, he loves our nation and people and has powerful insight thru his knowledge of the Constitution and the election process and of God. Gods has the upper hand in the courts of man. He is our righteous judge and He cannot allow satan to have his way any longer to destroy our country. We are the only country in the way of satan carrying out his own plan against God, man and every nation. God is using every little thing powerfully as a tool to get us, His people right where He wants us to be in Christ and He is also allowing the devil to get himself right where He wants the devil to get himself. Satan is so deceived he himself is delusional despite his so-called “cleverness” and “craftiness”. His Pride causes him to always overplay his cards and expose himself. Satan is so desperate to stop what God is doing that he has pulled out all the stops, which prevents him from being able to hide anymore. Its like the gates and the pits of hell were opened up like never before to increase use of those who have sold out to evil thru the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, greed, power that causes them to be so easily used by the devil thru the plans of man to carry out his schemes. This is what is behind everything we are witnessing. Its obvious when you hear the global agenda. Look at our state of California and what our Governor is doing against us to be a part of that. We do live in the natural supernaturally and there are also truth and facts in the natural, like our Constitution, which God did inspire and there is THE Truth of the Word of God and His Covenant with His people behind it. Lies are lies. Truth is truth. Right now, under the Hand of God, our God inspired Constitution will be used as set Truth and part of His plan. God loves America. God loves His people of America and we have aligned with Israel through President Trump. Trump is not the answer, but a tool of God and Trump is the person He has chosen to carry out His plan. Trump is the only President ever to align directly with Israel to the extent he has gone to. Hes the only President to openly use the Name of God in public, to speak out against abortion, to try to bring the bible and God back into the schools and to support the church like he has openly. God is not done using the office of President of the US to carry out His plan. What God is doing and has done since He brought President Trump into office the devil hates because it blocks his ways of evil and is through God and in Gods Name. God uses everything. He can and does. Truth will always have to do with God. The Truth is, this election is NOT NOT over actually until Jan 20! The main stream media is lying. Here we are, Gods people, praying, repenting, crying out, believing! Seems that now so many people are more fully aware of what is going on, what satan is doing. Believers have been asleep too as well as the Church. God is moving it all to a place where He wants us to be. To apologize for the prophets is to give up on God. What went wrong with the Prophets?? Nothing, at least not the with true prophets that are speaking now. Im not talking about those who are posting left and right on YouTube. Gods Word does say though that many will dream dreams and see visions in the end times including by us, everyday people. But there is an OFFICE of the Prophet at work. We have to discern who that includes. Im talking about those who are speaking over our nation and future and history and prophecy in the bible. God has spoken, His Word speaks and history speaks and we still need the prophets of today to help guide the people and the people of God are responsible to discern if they speak what God says. Its simply not over. Dates do matter. Timelines matter. Jan 20 matters but what God says and does matters about it all. How many people will give up now when they see titles like “What Went Wrong with the Prophets”? Which prophets does this mean? There are only a handful of those who truly hold the office of the prophet. And they are all in line with each other. God will weed out the false voices and teachers and move people toward him, and others, even closer. As a strong believer who sees and hears from God and as someone who has been praying and interceding for my own family and others for a very long time and getting on prayer lines and praying for our nation with others,and as someone who has searched for the truth about what is REALLY happening around us vs the lies of the devil and as someone who is also discerning the voice of the prophets who speak, based on what the Lord speaks to my own spirit, backed up by the Word of God, and the alignment I find in the Word and agreement between the true prophets of today. (I mean the actual office of the prophet vs every believers ability to prophesy and hear from God) This spiritual warfare has made me even more determined as I write this way too long of a message. I wish I could have just called in and said all this, but no one wants to actually talk anymore. Everything has to be by email or social media it seems. Your video tells me there is a huge degree of misinformation and lies believed by a LOT of people. I write w/all due respect and appreciation for all that your ministry has done and does! Ive enjoyed and been encouraged greatly by watching your posted videos! You are a breath of fresh air. But Im so sick of the devils lies and people being deceived by him and hurt and harmed and evil taking over, babies being killed, our children being held captive, my own family right now too! Im determined to not give up on God. Truth is, this presidential election has NOT been called. The media does not have the authority to call this election, actually neither does either party, but they still have tried and lied. It is shocking what satan has done and is doing right now. Gods reality is not always ours. I choose Gods. I have to. He is our only answer and hope. The spiritual realm is not like our natural realm. Yet, we can be supernaturally natural in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. No believer can give up for such a time as this. Im sorry this is a mini-novel. We cannot give up and cannot allow the lies to deceive us. I wont. Im concerned at the effects your video title may discourage others and confuse even more because you are a prophetic voice who is heard by so many. If anything your title of the video may mislead and just a title can have a negative effect even on someone who is just scrolling through YouTube. I think what is really missing from discernment of the people is the facts about what is really happening in the natural which is exactly the area of our lives that he is attacking, what we see and hear and simply believing what God says is really hard when the devil is screaming in your face and covering up all the truth like whats being done right now! The seven mountains have been in captivity of the enemy a very very long time and satan is not going to just let go of what he thinks is his and he is going full tilt against us. People have died from Covid19 and its real but the numbers are not!! The Truth is, the numbers of deaths are not properly recorded and have been manipulated! So the spirit of death is involved in attacks on us all causing fear! By now, that is almost common knowledge. Deception vs Truth is at the center of this storm. Maybe the title of the video Im referring to should be changed? Not everyone will listen to the video but everyone will see the title and could be misled by it because they passed it up. Maybe nothing Ive written here is new or revelatory but it shares where Im at and hopefully encourages. Whoever takes the time to read this, Bless you with Peace, Life and Light In Jesus Name and you are very patient! Ha!

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • December 22, 2020

      Thanks for sharing Lisa!

    • Justin
    • December 17, 2020

    The voices of the many vs the voice of the one …. I prayed for a yr the scripture I asked for and was glad righteousness continued . I did ask one term or two , God was specific , Pres Trump was a circuit breaker and he kept the enemies agenda out of gov,t . The reset has happened , now watch the lord move .

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • December 22, 2020

      Thanks for sharing Justin!

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