Hearing God for This Season [Episode 236]

Last weekend was Pentecost—and the Lord is pouring out His Holy Spirit so we can learn to discern what He’s saying to know Him better. And He is speaking 24/7!

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you examples of the many different ways God speaks … and practical instruction on how to learn to recognize His voice so you can grow in confidence, knowing that you hear Him clearly!


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  • Over 10 ways that God speaks to us though we may not recognize it
  • Several reasons why God speaks in metaphor and mysteries
  • 5 practical steps you can take right now to hear God accurately
  • Why it’s okay if you can’t always remember your dreams

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Online Training—Dream Crash Course

Ebook—Understand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation

June Prophetic Word—Freedom and Power During Pentecost

The App—DougAddison.com/App


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