Intimacy with the Holy Spirit | Sean Smith [Episode 322]

Ever wonder why we’re not seeing revival? Many churches have scripted programs for the order of their service. I believe God is about to take us off-script and the Holy Spirit will start to call audibles in our midst—resulting in demonstrations of power, miracles and salvations!

In this episode of Spirit Connection, Sean Smith shares about the world being hungry to see answers to terrorism, inflation, sickness and lack. In these times, God is equipping us to demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom by drawing us into a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit—bringing us into a new realm of glory.

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  • What the key to bring and sustain massive revival is
  • Why we aren’t seeing many signs and wonders in churches
  • How God uses the prophetic to break predictable, programmed services
  • The impact of rediscovering the person of the Holy Spirit

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