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Partner With Us For Doug’s Healing

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Video graphicPartner With Us For Doug’s Healing

Doug Addison is taking an urgent healing sabbatical for the month of July.

If you have been touched by Doug’s ministry, please prayerfully consider partnering with us to send Doug to be healed and restored.

Dear friends,
For the past two years I have been suffering from an acute case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity from heavy metal and mold toxicity. I have been healed several times, but keep getting hit again and again with debilitating symptoms, including Lyme Disease.

This has been going on for over two years, and I have been crying out to God for a healing strategy. I am now getting worse and not able to travel, coach or function without terrible breakdowns.

I have been in ministry for more than 15 years and have never taken a sabbatical. Our Board of Directors has approved of my taking this time off for healing and restoration.

God has opened the door for me to take my first sabbatical in the month of July at His Place in Germany. While there, I will under go testing and holistic treatments, many of which are not available in the U.S. yet. Part of the healing process is to relax in their rural atmosphere and receive various treatments, tests and daily prayer.

Many people in ministry have been recommending His Place in Germany as there have been some amazing results from what they do. For example, Rolland Baker (Heidi Baker’s husband) was cured of severe dementia at His Place.

James Goll was ill and they discovered an Epstein Barr virus that no one in the U.S. could find. He is now cured from it.

Please pray and ask God if you are to help partner with us for me to take this sabbatical and get healed, restored and refreshed.

We are on the verge of a great move of God and I am excited to return to the States whole and healed so our ministry can continue to touch many lives around the world.

You can watch this special video and read some comments from many of the ministries endorsing me to go to Germany!

There is also a link on this page with instructions on three ways to give. Click this hyperlink to go to the page with the video and giving info. 


Doug Addison

Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

73 thoughts on “Partner With Us For Doug’s Healing

  1. Marion Lacey says:

    I pray for Doug full recovery and be set free from all visues. I am also praying for my own healing to manisfest free from all sickness diseases and pain.

    • Greg says:

      Doug: Last December I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure with only 30% heart function–and it doesn’t run in my family at all!
      So, don’t despair. We’re in it together. The Lord will turn it all around and don’t get bogged down by anything! God Bless YOU!

  2. Thandiwe says:

    Servant of God. God has the last word about your life. I pray he gives you a permanent healing. You are a blessing in the body of Christ.

  3. Blessing tobyou Doug!
    You’re in our regular prayers standing and believing for your total healing! Glad you are going to His Place. You are being made completely well & through this test will be a mighty Testimony!
    Love & Prayers
    John Mark & Sandy Pool

  4. D Peterson says:

    We will pray for you and your wife. What the enemy meant for harm, God will turn around into something good. John 10:10
    We trust that you will not only be healed, but will come out of there with more strength, power, revelation, boldness and anointing like never before!!

  5. Katherine says:

    I have been blessed by your ministry just heard about you last year.I will pray for you and your healing that is all I have for now.

  6. Claire Lin says:

    I will pray for you! Your messages have been blessing me these past three years!
    Love from Tainan City,

  7. Carol says:

    May this time away to rest bring forth the keys to unlock and restore many who have been bound by infirmity. May simple dietary changes unfold bringing an excess of energy within each and every cell within your body, strengthened and working in proper order. Much will come from this time away, answers will be revealed that will banish many diseases that have been tormenting people without out any known ‘cure’. Breath deep, rest, knowing that God is restoring your body, granting wisdom to the team in Germany the information gained will bring healing to multitudes. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Therefore, within your body there can be no sickness or decay. All sickness, infirmity, decay must bow and be removed in the presence of the King of Kings. You body shall rise up, walk in complete and total restoration and proclaim the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Breathe deep, rest, knowing that this time in Germany is a divine appointment, much will be revealed – take notes – the message you carry from this time of rest will release the masses into their destiny. Time, energy, finances shall be restored to you 1000 fold, infirmity, lack loss shall be a distant fading memory. Before you now, your destiny awaits. Rest and be super-charged your greatest days are ahead. May the Lord pour out His blessings upon you your are blessed beyond measure!

    • Kimberly says:

      Your words of comfort is truly a great gift from heaven. Blessings to you and I stand in agreement with you in prayer for this amazing man of God. I just found his page last night and his sermon moved my spirit to a refreshing I haven’t received in a long time. Healing deliverance dominion power and love you.both! No coincidences in Jesus Christ. Ordained moments in time. His perfect timing. God will restore renew and replenish brother!

  8. Sarah Schofield says:

    Hi Doug.
    Praying a plenty for you.
    In relation to your illness i am prompted to say this. Here in Australia we’ve had a severe outbreak of ticks. They are small parasites that generally will attach to warm b looded animals & humans. They crawl over hairs and once near the skin burrow in & suck or feed on your blood through their probiscus. Similar to mosquitoes. Ticks like mosquitoes aldo leave a toxin in the blood. Ticks are often removed incorrectly snapping the body away from the head leaving the toxin in the head to be then injected into the host. Often the body is squeezed,scratched or tweezerd out incorrectly again pushing the toxin also into the body.
    Here in Sydney in a suburb called Chatswood a Dr has found a relationship between patients whom have been bitten by Ticks having had the Ticks toxin enter into the human blood system somehow changes chemically some particular bunch of cells. When this human whom has these bunch of chemically changed cells roaming around their body and the human is on a diet of red meat, the combination of the two once combined can build up to either from a slow intolerance to a severe allergic reaction. This is on a reactionary scale from mild to severe.
    I saw this on one of our many channels… SBS channel 23 or ABC channel 2 ……on a SD how called Catalyst.
    Now here in Australia they are trying to find proof that there is a connection between Tick bites and Lyme Disease. Personally I am convinced this is true.
    Now I have to find how the Dr managed it with what remedy.
    One of the key things that was reported was th as t most humans dont know they have been bitten by a Tick or even the Tick has burrowed into the host.

    Hope some of this helps.

  9. Charlotte Spencer says:

    I will partner with you. How much is it each month? I cannot give much but I can give something.

  10. Kenneth Lieberman says:

    We have a prayer group that meets from 5 AM to 8 Am every morning 6 days a week and have been doing this for the last 16 years. Your prophetic words have beena great encouragement to us and we will pray for you every day until you are healed. And you will be healed Love you many thanks for your faithfulness Rev Ken

  11. cindy rozek says:

    we are agreeing in prayer for complete healing for Doug…blessings on your restoration in and through Jesus. He will make a way, and restore you to health and the ability to carry out the plans He has for you!

  12. Pamela says:

    Doug you are in my prayers and I know God will use this team to bring total healing and restoration to your body. You have been a blessing g to me and the Body of Christ.

  13. Germaine & Philippe TCHEKANE says:

    Dear Doug,
    You are a real blessing to the body of Christ worldwide and for our couple in particular.
    From Africa we stand by you in prayer but would also like to know how to donate immediately.God gave us the opportunity to be few days at His Place 4 weeks ago.
    We need you as the Body of Christ and send our love to you and your Darling wife who stood strong by you through these years.

  14. natalie trumbull says:

    It infuriatesvme that the devil tries attacking God’s people…especially people who answer their calling to bring change to the world. Prophet Doug, I know you need no title, for you cone in the name of the Lord…His word will not be stopped. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. My heart is burdened for your physical pain, but I know the Lord Sabaoth fights on your behalf. He will not see the righteous forsaken. I am greatful to hear about “His Place” in Germany. He surrounds you with protection. I decree, along with the other Saints, wisdom, knowledge, discernment with the doctor’s and breakthrough on your behalf. Take this time to rest and recharge Mr. Pioneer! Love, The Trumbull Family

  15. Trisha Fessler says:

    Praying for healing for you and I’m sorry you’re going through this. I understand as we have struggled with these health issues. Please look into Hansa Center clinic in Wichita Kansas. That is where the Lord led us. It’s likeno other clinic. God bless you!

  16. Laurie Nowitzky says:

    I will be praying for your healing Doug, Thank you for your faithfulness to ministry. Your prophetic insight has been a tremendous blessing. Time for you to rest in the arms of the Lord for a while.

  17. Lori Watson says:

    Dr. Fitt told me to take OMG drops that he sells to get the mold out of my system and to go on the BALI diet. He has helped many people. You can go to his facebook page Robey Mitchell and ask him a question and you can go to his website and read articles on different things.

  18. Nieves Suarez says:

    Dear Doug, I will join the prayer intercessors to pray for your speedy healing. Praise the Lord for a place like His Place. You are more than Victorious through Jesus Christ who strengthens you. By JESUS stripes you are HEALED

  19. Gale Spyridon says:

    Be healed in Jesus name! Gods speed! Blessings of favor and wisdom come upon you and those treating you. May there be a revelation for prevention of any relapses forever. Revelation is the beginning of healing. Be well and I’ll be waiting to hear!

  20. Cathy says:

    Doug, I’m praying for you and will be lifting you up to
    Our Father this month daily. I cancel out every assignment the enemy has placed before you in the name of Yeshua. I ask Jesus to touch you with His perfect love and healing as you take this time of rest, in His year of rest. I ask The Holy Spirit to surround you with every step, as Angels surround you wing tip to wing tip for protection. In the name of Jesus of Nazerth I ask all these request. Amen. Blessings my friend. Cathy

  21. Lisa says:

    Doug, I will be praying for you and your wife over the next month. Blessings and complete healing my internet friend.

  22. Debra says:

    Doug I will be praying for complete healing and that in these 30 days you will have full restored health and body. That you will also receive new understanding and revelation of this move of God. Doug I believe you are a intricate part of what God is doing. You have touched my life and the life of my church in so many ways. Be healed in the name of Jesus and rest be upon you.

  23. Jeannie Kuhlman says:


  24. Gloria McNeely says:

    Doug, You are such an inspiration to me and a great help to my ministry as we struggle to do what God has called us to do. Please know that you are at the top of my prayer list and I am believing that God has the answers you are seeking on your health. By His Stripes were are healed and your healing is here. Thank you Jesus!

  25. val says:

    Are you familiar with this new product? Many, many diseases can not live in alkaline tissue. (It is much cheaper than installing a PH water system Only a $100.)

    Seychelle Alkaline (pH Enhanced) Filter
    The pH Enhanced filter removes up to 99.99% of chlorine, chemicals (VOCs), heavy metals and Radon 222. It removes up to 90% of Fluoride. The new filter, incorporating proprietary medias, enhances the alkalinity (pH) of drinking water sources up to 9.0. Your results may vary. Since it is more open in porosity, it does not remove giardia, cryptosporidium, virus or bacteria. It is designed to be used as a drinking water filter for use with chlorinated municipal water, as a bottled water replacement, and for those who value the benefits of alkaline filtered water.

    • val says:

      Seychelle has other bottles that do remove bacteria–but do not enhance the PH levels. Maybe using both will provide a giant step forward as you recover.

  26. Leonie James says:

    I am in total agreement that this is a great moment in time. God is passing His people through some of the greatest tests in health, but it is because some of the greatest healers will arise for the end time harvest of souls. I too am crying out to God.
    I have every confidence that you will be healed in Jesus’ name Doug.

  27. Juliet neil says:

    dear Doug, how much I have appreciated the words you send each day. I want you to know that they have helped most days , specially in the days I didn’t think I would make it through the night. I would call on the name of the Lord and ask for his help.I am so aware that it is the Lord that carried me through that season through it all I have been clinging to Psalm 23 and Psalm 121 the 7 th verse says The Lord will keep you from evil; He will keep your life verse 8 says he will keep your going out and your coming in from this time and forevermore . The Lord is good to those who call on His name. You will live and you will not die. Take courage My brother We are all praying for you and holding you up to our Father. Bless you. Juliet

  28. Brenda Alarco says:

    Doug, I pray and believe along side you, you are healed in the name of Jesus.

    PLEASE READ: There is a holistic/ nutritionist here in California. I’ve been going to him for the last 12 weeks. I had high levels of mercury in my body, I was unable to get out of bed and could hardly function, my mind was messed up along with my organs being attacked because of the Mercury. God sent me the answer to go to him. He’s legit. I’m feeling much better, getting back to my old self. He checks your DNA to see what’s going on in the body and treats you accordingly. Many people come out of the country to see him. If your interested, email me and I will forward his information to you. Blessings, Brenda

  29. A. Jung says:

    Dear Doug, we will pray for you also. I live in Germany. I don´t know, to whom you are going for your healing process. But I will recommend you Dr. Arne Elsen in Hamburg. He is a christian Doctor. Signs and wonders are happening there. 2 years ago he was invited to speak at the UN in New York about this and his so called “clock-project”. You can also listen to some speeches on YouTube, I think there are some in english too. Get well soon. Be blessed an healed! Almost 1 year ago, God showed me your ministry. thank you for your wonderful work!!!

  30. Karen says:

    Doug, glad your taking a sabbical…its good to do whether your sick or not…recharge the batteries…wanted to throw a couple of things at you….have you ever tried..the cleansing where you put your feet in water and a electric current…opens up the skin pores to leach out stuff through your feet…funny I can’t think of what it’s called….anyway…that and coiudal silver worked on me for mold spores….I will be praying for your complete healing…shalom to you brother!!!!

  31. veronica says:


    We wait patiently and expectantly for your joyous return to and full restoration of health, strength and power. God is able. Thanks for all you have taught us.

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper. We are excited about what God is doing to make you better than ever and praying that every hand that touches you at His Place is a hand connected to the Most High God. I have a feeling EVERYTHING is going to be alright. Lifting you up in prayer daily…


  32. Jen says:

    Prayers for you Doug! I”m so sorry you are going through this. You have been a blessing to me and teaching me so much. You have my support in prayer and giving.
    I pray restoration, healing, and rejuvination on your sabattical, friend!
    Lotsa love to you and your wife, and ministry.

  33. Edward Kimmel says:

    I am praying for Doug as we speak. I always look forward to his daily Prophetic Word. I usually get them on my phone time stamped 5:05 a.m. every morning. It is spot on as it confirms what I am hearing ..
    be being healed my friend! Ed, Tally

  34. Vicki says:

    Doug, it is a privilege to partner with you for your healing. May you know the touch of the Lord your Healer as never before. May every donation be multiplied like the loaves and fishes. Thank You Jesus for Your finished work that makes this possible and inevitable.

  35. Sharon Smalley says:

    God is lining things up, Doug.
    Can’t tell you how very much my prayer group relies on your daily prophetic words and we are praying for you and your wife…
    Love you dearly

  36. Marcia says:

    You have endured much and persevered well. What you have done for The Lord and His people has not gone unnoticed. He is with you and He is revealing your difficulties to more and more of His intercessors. We will pray. We will travail on your behalf at His behest. May His Presence attend you and keep you in fullness of joy.

  37. Karen says:

    You have been a great encourager to me Doug. Thank you. Thank God for who He created you to be! Thank you for walking in courage and flowing in His anointing! I’m excited for you for this season ahead! Yes go! Yes Be refreshed! Yes receive and walk in your healing! I’ll be praying for you to receive all He has for you – connections, healing, refreshing, shalom peace – the nothing missing nothing broken peace and more.

  38. Susanne says:

    Doug, God bless you on this journey with Him. Praying for total and complete healing. You are loved by so many Doug. I am lifting you up in prayer daily. I thank God for you. Rest in Him and come back healed and whole.

  39. Beth says:

    Doug, I wish I could remember who Sid Roth interviewed years ago, but I remember specifically that he had the answers that healed another person struggling with this problem. If you know Sid personally, perhaps he can connect you. Your body must come into alignment with the Word of God. This sensitivity must go in Jesus’ Name. Bless you!

  40. Linda andrade says:

    Many in our faith community here in New England have been battling Lyme disease and various tick-borne diseases for many years. We, like you, have also been seeking a strategy from heaven to break the curse of this plague off our land and off His people. We are very interested in the medical aspects of the treatment you will be receiving as well as any healing strategies that result from your journey. Countless numbers of His people need this help! Please share what you learn. Praying and standing with you,brother.

  41. Beverly says:

    I call your name out before the Lord every single day in my prayer time.. Will continue to pray.. Blessings n Love..

  42. Ellen Cooke says:

    First of all, I will pray for you…….much prayer for you. Second, I know that suggestions can come a dime a dozen, yet I feel that at “Be IN Health” from Thomaston, GE…with Henry Wright, people have for years been healed of MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Issues. It is worth looking into… Again, I pray that God’s revelation, wisdom, grace, love, and protection be there for you….

  43. Debbie Perschelli says:



    What! devil is a liar. I proclaim and declare over you a divine healing and immunity that knock off Any form of enviromental ailment/disease.No sickness is permitted in your body.Receive Divine immunity and instant healing to Any form of enviromental ailment in Jesus mighty name.You are too dangerous for the devil to distract and you cannt be stopped.You are in Him,son of the living God and no Doctor, person or group of persons would take glory of your instant healing but Master Jesus.’This’affliction shall not rise again and you are not permitted to die now!Amen,Amen and Amen. Wishing your wife a wonder-full Happy Birthday and many happy returns. C H E E R S.

  45. Kyle says:

    You are awesome Doug… you have been encouraging me through your gifts since 2006 and I thank the Lord for your gifts! Take your time and get well, listen to the Lord on this and don’t get swayed by the pressures of man…

  46. Alice says:

    Check out Dr. Shoemaker’s Mold Warriors
    website. He uses cholestyramine to bind up the toxins and eliminate them from the body.
    Also colonics
    and Dr. Grace Liu’s rebuilding your microbiome
    Praying for your complete recovery.

  47. Karen says:

    I have been praying for your healing as you come to mind for 2 years. Your daily prophetic words and monthly prophetic words are always in tune with what the Lord is showing me at the time. I deeply appreciate your fresh approach to ministry! You have been a wonderful example of faith and unswerving compassion even while you are waiting for your own healing. I Thess 1: 5-9
    I pray that you will be immersed in the same healing love of Jesus that you have generously shared with us.

  48. Naomi Shoko says:

    Doug, your ministry is such a blessing to me and my family. We will stand with you in prayer. The God that we serve will not allow those that trust in Him to be desolate. I pray for total healing over your body. May God preserve and bless you.

  49. Beverly Anne says:

    Praying for you too Doug. I’ve had an undiagnosed [hidden] illness for nearly 30 years. After several, no many doctors all said it was all in my mind, finally I hit on one that said it was sub-clinical thyroidism but that all my tests were normal. [A contradiction of terms]

    An Internet M.D., Dr. Lam suggested that it was adrenal insufficiency PLUS the thyroidism. But the fees were too much for me to begin his indepth protocol. So, I’m functioning a little more thanks to the Lord and coconut oil.

    Why is it that satan hits Christians with so many ailments that medical science, especially in the US, can’t seem to pin point? My prayers are with you and you shall fully recover from this too.

  50. Doris Bailey says:

    You are a treasure to the body and we link arm in arm as a prayer shield around you. We pray that the glory of the Lord will bring forth the healing and release you from this evil captivity. We know God will hear our declarations and decrees of His power and release for you.

    May God richly bless you with the good health that Jesus Christ paid so dearly for.

  51. Linda Rose says:

    Dear Doug & Linda, WE are praying for you and agreeing with you for healing, and Great Health. We came to Castle Rock to see you in 2011 you prayed for my Husband he had Hep c and cirrhosis of the liver. As of last year he no longer has Hep c ,he is still battling the cirrhosis. He has memory issues for the past 10 years, so we are praying for perfect health . So we know what you are going through. One comment was posted the taking the product Limu, it is a legit product , I did notice some small improvments in my health and my husband memory. Only reason we stopped was financial issues. Hopefulling to get back on it the future/ Also we listen to Dr. medci he is out of California he has a show on health on Sat at 11.00 he is a teacher of how the human body works. Different topics each week . Has been a great help with understanding about what happens to the body when foreign invaders enter the blood stream , etc. He has diagrams and is very thorough. Have a special time in Germany. Love you!!!!!!!!!

  52. Sharon Stafford says:

    So sorry to hear of your health struggles, Doug! I understand the frustration! Feeling horrible this morning with unknown struggles… Assuming Epstein Barr / chronic fatigue or possibly old chronic Lyme… That I thought was healed already. Not sure…. But couldn’t be more frustrating! Stress doesn’t help either… Which surrounds me. Wish I had the $ to go there for at least a month!!!

    Glad to hear you’re there & looking forward to hearing the good news of God’s healing in your body, in Jesus name.

  53. Ginny Hruza says:

    Hi Doug, I am praying for your complete healing daily!! I am so glad you are at His Place! I cant wait to hear all about it! I am praying about going there too. You are such an inspiration to me and always have been! You have all my love and blessings! Ginny

  54. Theresa says:

    I pray for Brother Doug and I ask that this time will be a time of retreat for him to spend in God’s presence. I pray that the LORD will give him light and speak to His heart. I pray that the Holy Spirit will minister to him on the adjustments he might need to make and that he would understand God’s will for him in this season and just rest in the goodness of God know that everything will work out for his good in Jesus name, amen.

  55. Seer 1961 says:

    You cant make healing come, It is here now! Not of works (You cant DO anything to receive it) Jesus said: (“IT IT FINISHED!”) Confess with your, mouth, heart and spirit that you are healed! You have been given a present from God, Do not look at the warping and how lovely it is …OPEN THE PACKAGE! and get what is inside! ALL things on earth and in heaven are yours! Stand Prophet! and when you have done all to stand, there for STAND! i ask you this…Who are you? What are you rights? If you do not know, look them up and stand on them Prophet!!!

    Will pray you get a revelation of this and have the strength to stand my Brother! In Prayer,

    Prophet of Most High God!
    Has anyone told you today that:
    “Jesus Loves YOU!”
    Well He loves you!


    Dearest Doug I pray for your complete healing in your body mind spirit and soul. I love you brother! You’re loved in the Beloved Keep On Truckin the heavenlies you’re calling you to a higher calling then you’ve ever been called before God loves you and the angels are with you don’t ever give up you are loved much the warring angels are around you and there’s much healing available for you reach out and receive your healing it’s there for you truly yours your sister in Christ Tricia Connor

  57. Daniel Dessinger says:

    Doug, I’d love to hear a follow-up on your health. I’ll search around on your site to see if you’ve already published. I tested positive for Lyme and I’ve seen amazing results following a multi-phase approach that my researcher wife pieced together.

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