Why You Don't Need to Be Afraid of Seeing Angels | Doug Addison [Episode 69] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Why You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Seeing Angels | Doug Addison [Episode 69]

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I confess. I used to be afraid of the supernatural. I was afraid of seeing demons and evil things.

But I was equally afraid of seeing angels for some strange reason.

In talking with people, I’ve found that because of fear, many people have shut themselves off from the supernatural side of God.

Unfortunately, this is a plan of the enemy, bringing attacks to cut us off from God—sometimes making us afraid very early in our lives.

In my interactions with people now on social media and in-person, I hear this theme right now: “What is God doing this year?” and “What is the plan of the enemy right now?”

In this Spirit Connection episode, I want to help you restore your spiritual sight to the supernatural side of God, so you can get through some things that might be holding you back from your greater calling. God has sent us extra help through His holy angels to sharpen our discernment about supernatural things.

Here’s a taste of this episode:

  • “I grew up not knowing that God was a loving God. I thought He was trying to nuke everybody … the plan of the enemy is to get you to think the bad things are happening in the world is God punishing us. It’s not true at all!”
  • “God loves you. He has good intentions for you. God is a giver of good gifts. God is not angry at you or trying to kill you.”
  • “I used to be focused so much on demons that’s all I saw, but something shifted in my life …”
  • “Now I help people discover their calling based on some of these things. I call it the attacks of the past. That’s how I knew my calling.”

“Satan often attacks us in the area of our future strength or our calling or [our] generational destiny … so you can get clues about your destiny by noticing where the enemy hits you often … and then you can redeem it for the good.”

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12 thoughts on “Why You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Seeing Angels | Doug Addison [Episode 69]

  1. Laurence says:

    Hi Doug! The most violent attacks I live are against my family : divorce, difficulties to communicate with my son who decided to live by his father, accident of my mother, family house recently damaged by mudslide, maybe I will be obliged to sell it…
    How to understand my calling or something else among this mess ?
    Thank you

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Laurence. I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. I am praying now for peace and for you to have joy in the Lord during this difficult time.

  2. Dear Doug, how did enjoy this podcast.
    My husband committed suicide for a 21 good years with no season. Do I look up his family tree and mine. (He is Nortje and I’m Labuschagne. My 1st granddaughter see angels. My children all 3 with their families in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to do this. wanted to enroll but cannot now. I know I will in future. I’ve got a prophesy that I wish I could send to you to assist me. Don’t have a mentor…. but already see things changes. But the attacks is fears! God bless you mightily.

    I just want to know Jesus more and 61 and feel if my life is starting only now. For 10 years in a prophetic and deliverance (5 fold ministry). I am so greatful to God for your life and that of my church KHOF in Jhb. Luv in Jesus

  3. Nancy Stam says:

    Doug, As it pertains to your going back and discovering these things in your generational line, could you provide some scriptural references for the need to do this? I thought that when we were born again old things passed away and all things were made new so I’m trying to see where Jesus said we would need to go back and ‘fix’ our past. I’m not saying you didn’t need to or it didn’t have a profound effect…I just want to understand the Biblical precedence for this practice.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Nancy!
      We like to say, instead of arguing the topic, if you are not seeing the fullness of God’s blessing and health in your life, then consider the possibility of needing to break curses. Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law (works) (Galatians 3:13; Revelation 22:3). Paul and Jesus talk about blessing those who curse you (Luke 6:28; Romans 12:14). There are also curses from disbelief or preaching a different Gospel (1 Corinthians 12:3; 1 Corinthians 16:22; Galatians 1:8–9).

      God bless you!

  4. Linda Honea says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Doug and Inlight Connection team!!!
    Ya’ll are changing the world!
    Your words: daily, written, and spoken go forth like rain and snow and they are exponentially watering, bearing fruit, producing seed, and providing bread to eat. (Is 55:10)

  5. Smith says:

    Thank you doug. I always appreciate your encouragement and heart of the lord. It often aligns with what i’m hearing which helps to feel unified in the spirit,that I am hearing when sometimes there seems nobody physical with whom to check that’s close by. I value what you give and actually lana too. I do this myself as freely I was given. But the bible also speaks about a prophets reward. If we dedicate our life to jesusand these things,this is then the area of influence and you need to be able to cover costs as well as make a living. When I can afford your course,I always will,as they are worth investing in a subject of interest. The prophetic words are frely given because the lord doesn’t charge us to hear them😂 so you freely give what God is saying for the people. Remember you are the head and not the tail. I encourage you to Read over what the lord gave you regarding strategy so that you can stand firm in that word. You are a huge blessing. Thank you for being faithful

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Thank you for sharing Smith! I am so glad that Doug’s words have been in line with what the Lord has been speaking to you and have helped you. God bless you!

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