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Prophetic Update: Move Of God Starting Now In Canada

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In 2009, while I was ministering in Canada, God spoke to me that there was a movement coming to Toronto on May 20, 2010. Each year at May I have again felt the same thing, but did not know the year. Last year at this time, May 2015, I was in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, speaking   …Read Full Post

Stressed about Someone? Here is What You Can Do About It.

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Stressed about Someone? Here is What You Can Do About It. Doug Addison November 12, 2015 With the holidays rapidly approaching, are you already finding yourself in stressful situations? Being around family members, spending money, eating foods that are not good for us, feeling lonely or uncertain about our future—these are just a few things   …Read Full Post

My Healing Miracle—I am Fully Restored After Germany!

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My Healing Miracle—I am Fully Restored After Germany! Doug Addison August 27, 2015 Today I have great news to report on my healing! But first, let me paint a quick picture of the last two years and why I know this turn around is a miracle. For most of my life, I have been a   …Read Full Post

Update on Doug’s Healing Sabbatical, with Photos!

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Find Out How Doug Is Doing In Germany July 30, 2015 On July 3, Doug Addison left for Germany to take an urgent healing sabbatical at His Place for the month of July. If you did not know, Doug has been suffering for over two years from an acute case of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity from   …Read Full Post

Strategies to Get Healed and Out of Debt

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I want to share with you and take what was intended for evil against me and turn it to good. My hope and prayer is that you will gain something for yourself or someone you know. Click blog title to read more.

Why Am I Not Getting Healed or Financially Blessed?

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Have you noticed that there are a lot of prayers for healing and yet there is not an abundance of miracles happening at the level we need. A lot of giving is happening but the financial reaping has not come up to the level of the giving. It is not because of lack of faith or the need for a certain formula.

God spoke to me recently, giving me some insight into things that hold people back from receiving healing and financial breakthrough… read more by clicking on the title.

Getting a Healing Strategy

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Do you need to get healed today? If there is something you’ve been praying about and have not seen a breakthrough, there’s a good chance you need a healing strategy.