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Upcoming Events

Fri 9/26/2014 - Sat 9/27/2014 Glory Fire Church, Sanford, FL
Sanford, FL
Sun 9/28/2014 Apopka Assembly of God, Apopka FL
Apopka, Florida
Wed 10/1/2014 Spirit Connection Webcast
Sat 10/11/2014 - Sun 10/12/2014 Attwell Church, Akron OH
Akron, OH
Fri 10/24/2014 - Sun 10/26/2014 Rivergate Church, Tulsa OK
Tulsa, OK
Wed 11/5/2014 Spirit Connection Webcast
Sat 11/15/2014 - Mon 11/17/2014 The Rock in Castle Rock, CO
Castle Rock, CO
Thu 11/20/2014 - Sun 11/23/2014 East Coast Elijah List Conference, Frederick, MD
Frederick, MD
Wed 12/3/2014 Spirit Connection Webcast
Fri 12/5/2014 - Sun 12/7/2014 Valencia, CA
Valencia, CA

Latest Blog Posts

  • Power of Two: Strategic Pairing of Gifts and Callings

    Ever wonder why God lines us up with certain people and not others? God is strategically aligning people’s gifts and ministry callings. This will include businesses as well. There is power in combining the calling and resources of two people…. read more by clicking on the title.

  • Prophetic Word: Prepare for Sudden Impact

    Get ready for a sudden impact with destiny. God is moving in a greater way in your life throughout September and October. This is a time of promotion and expansion. Things God has stored up for you are being released now and the end result will be greater authority!…to read more click on title.

  • How to Get Your Children into Their Destiny

    Did you know your destiny involves your children? For those who have children, we can get so focused on our own careers and spiritual lives that we may not realize that our children are our ultimate destiny…read more by clicking on the title.

  • Adding It Up – What Do Numbers Mean in Dreams?

    I’ve done thorough studies of dreams, visions and the symbolism found in the Bible. Once we understand God’s hidden symbolic language, an entirely new world opens up for us. We will not only see messages in the dreams that we have at night; we will also be able to hear God speaking to us in unlimited ways: on television, in the movies, street signs, names and even numbers. The key to understanding dreams is using a combination of symbolic understanding and the ability to hear God’s voice…. read more by clicking on the title.

  • Design a Great Life Today

    Depending on your personality style, you are either drawn to the idea of life planning, or it makes you feel restricted. We are all wired differently so I like to think of the process in a more creative light, like designing your life instead of planning. Planning sounds like it is set in stone, whereas designing is more organic and allows you to be creative as you go…. read more by clicking on the title.


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