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Latest Blog Posts

  • How to Find God’s Clues to Your Destiny

    We are all born with an amazing potential to fulfill the highest destiny and purpose in God, yet we settle for what we think we can do. So what is your destiny in God? Let’s find some clues to your destiny and look at some tactics the enemy uses to keep those clues hidden….read more by clicking on the title.

  • God’s Creative Spirit: How To Transform Your Words Into Spirit

    We have all experienced the difference between words and Spirit-filled words. Words are just things we hear and eventually forget. Spirit-filled words are words that transform us and we are never the same again.

    Want to know how God taught me to shift my words from just being words to powerful, life-transforming Spirit? It’s not what you think. Hint: it has to do with creativity… read more by clicking on the title.

  • Harness Your Thoughts for a Powerful Destiny

    There is a clear connection between what you think about yourself and reaching your highest calling. Let’s look at three key ways to harness your thoughts to bring dynamic change resulting in a powerful destiny and a better life… read more by clicking on the title.

  • Prophetic Word: Expect Changes, Changes, Changes!

    Ten-four (10-4) is a radio communication meaning “message received.” On October 4th (10/4), the last day of Yom Kippur, I was awakened at 2 am. God began to speak to me, making sense of things that have been happening and revealing some things to come…to read more click on title.

  • Think You Blew Your Destiny? Not Too Late

    Have you ever felt like you missed your destiny with God? Well, take heart. You’re not alone and in fact, its not too late. Let’s take a look at a good example of someone missing their destiny in the Bible…. read more by clicking on the title.


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