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Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

Spirit Connection Webcast – December 2016

Merry Christmas! New and renewed gifts coming in December! Doug honors prophet Kim Clement, who passed away on Nov. 23, and offers perspective from Psalm 116:15. He shares an encouraging word that the Lord is closing the books on the past, and new books are being opened to prepare us…

Spirit Connection Webcast – November 2016

November is a time of restoration & revelation! Do not focus on the storm! In this prophetic word, Doug talks more about what happened in the Courts of Heaven during Rosh Hashanah through the Feast of Tabernacles in October. He gives encouragement and guidance for how to position yourself for…

Spirit Connection Webcast – October 2016

The courts of heaven are in session right now! Doug has a special Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) message for you. We have just entered the season when God opens and reviews your personal Book of Life (Ps 139:16; Zechariah 3) to determine spiritual promotions and assignments for the year…

Spirit Connection Webcast – September 2016

The theme song for September could be “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” Doug offers loads of encouragement, plus strategies and fresh revelation from the Lord to get through the dark and difficult times (Isaiah 60 & Romans 8:18). He's been through it too and shares what the Lord has shown him…

Spirit Connection Webcast – August 2016

Get ready for radical realignment over the next 6 months! In this webcast, Doug offers encouragement (John 16–17) to those going through the "pain of change" and transition. There is an increase of spiritual activity happening right now as God releases blueprints, strategies and new keys to those who have…

Spirit Connection Webcast – July 2016

It is the start of the revival for the "spiritual outcasts"! In this webcast, Doug shares prophetic words for July 2016 from Ezekiel 34 and God is raising up “Sheep Defenders” at this time. Doug also shares a word for those who feel stuck in a past season and prays…

Spirit Connection Webcast – June 2016

In this prophetic word for June, Doug Addison shares that God is moving quickly, strongly and strangely starting this month. Watch for new doors to open after June 13 (7 weeks after Passover) and hear why we need to repent from judgments right now. You’ll also hear about Doug’s miraculous…

Spirit Connection Webcast – May 2016

God has not forgotten you and hope is being restored to you! In this live webcast, Doug Addison shares an extended prophetic word for the month of May, including strategic dates that will be a turning point this month and prophetic insight on Isaiah 60 that is for now. Plus,…

Spirit Connection Webcast – April 2016

The Wind of Change is blowing to rearrange things and we will see a sudden shift in the spiritual atmosphere. In this prophetic word for April, Doug also shares a prophetic word about Passover and how this is a time to prepare and get rid of old things so you…

Spirit Connection Webcast – March 2016

"March is going to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion! It’s the end of the 24 weeks after Yom Kippur and the wind of change is coming. Doug gives a prophetic word based on Luke 5 and shares strategies for crossing over the new season…

Spirit Connection Webcast – February 2016

“Things that have been sealed are going to be revealed." That’s just one of the many words Doug Addison shares in this podcast. Watch to hear why injustices are being revealed, why it’s so important to be aligned with grace and why this new move of God will be offensive…

Spirit Connection Webcast – January 2016

In this podcast, Doug Addison shares a prophetic word for the New Year, the new move of God coming and much more, including interpreting several dreams. For more information check out dougaddison.com   TO DOWNLOAD & REMAIN SUBSCRIBED, LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT CONNECT ON iTUNES - CLICK HERE…
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