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Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

“Your New Season of Authority is Here” | Spirit Connection Webcast: July 2019

A new season of opportunity is beginning! In this month’s Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares an important key to open the door in Heaven that leads to spiritual promotion and new authority to help you overcome obstacles and bring change.

How to Know God’s Voice and Timing [Episode 89]

Do you want to know what Jesus said over 15 times in the Bible? He said we must have “eyes to see and ears that hear.” He was talking about spiritual things. God is speaking all the time, but most people are missing it or not understanding it. Recently, I…

Cultivating Hope in a Season of Suffering | Doug Addison with Abi Stumvoll [Episode 88]

Do you feel like your life has been torched? New life is coming. Your season of suffering will not last forever … and it has not gone unnoticed. The tears that you’ve cried are being heard in the Courts of Heaven in this season. You may be one of the…

“The Power of Pentecost” | Spirit Connection Webcast: June 2019

This month marks a turning point in the Spirit and God is downloading power from Heaven that will help you break out of things. In this Spirit Connection webcast, Doug shares what God is saying about this special season and shares strategies to help you move into a time of…

How to Recognize God’s Will & Timing for Your Life [Episode 05]

Do you ever feel frustrated that you aren’t hearing God as easily or as clearly as you would like to? Well I’ve got good news … God is speaking all the time; there is no shortage of revelation from God.We all want to hear God’s voice to navigate our lives.…

Catching the New Wave of the Spirit | Doug Addison with Chad Dedmon [Episode 87]

Do you wonder what’s happening in the heavenly realm right now?Things are shifting. There’s upward movement in the spirit. Heaven is opening. This is a time to hear God and experience the supernatural in your life.I feel this is a strategic podcast to open up doors and opportunities for people!In…

“No More Delays Starting in May!” | Spirit Connection Webcast: May 2019

During Passover the Lord told Doug, “No more delays starting in May!” Doug wants to help you recognize the new move of God that’s beginning now and encourage those who have held on through this difficult season. Your struggle and tears will not be wasted!

Why Does the World Look so Crazy Right Now? (And How to Change the Atmosphere) [Episode 31]

I’m sure you’ve noticed the extreme weather lately … record-setting floods, fires, earthquakes and hurricanes. There has been also been a distracting surge of negativity in the past few years; and the buildup of complaining, grumbling and division has caused us to reap a whirlwind of anger and an increase…

Feeling Stuck? Restore Your Hope for the Future | Doug Addison with Dr. Sandra Weppler [Episode 86]

Do you want to find your destiny, but feel stuck, depressed or lost? No matter where you are, there is a way to move forward. Both my guest and I lived through a season of feeling depressed, suicidal and hopeless. But God has a good plan for everyone’s life—including yours—and…

3 Months of Healing in These 3 Areas | Spirit Connection Webcast: April 2019

We’re entering a season when God wants to change your mind about the difficulties you’ve faced over the past 3 years. If you’ve been broken—especially in your heart, dreams and hope—Doug has a message you don’t want to miss! Find out: What happens at this time each year that can…

How to Be Apostolic in Your Everyday Life | Doug Addison with Ché Ahn [Episode 85]

Are you eagerly anticipating the next revival? There’s a spiritual shift happening in California. It’s going to be a blessing that will open up not only California and the entire world—but you too! God is birthing something new in California. I want to remind you that about 9 months ago, our…

A Wave of the Spirit That Will Go around the World | Doug Addison with Charlie Shamp [Episode 84]

  Do you ever get prophetic words for a future time, but you don’t know when? I’ve got some insight for you about why some things get delayed. But God is now speeding things up and we are going to see some amazing things happen in 2019. Many worldwide revivals…
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