Spirit Connection Podcast

Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

The Lord Is with Us [Episode 289]

Who needs a shot of joy? Remember … the Lord is with us, and His joy is our strength!

Psalm 33 Decrees [Episode 288]

Do you feel like your prayer life is in a rut? I’ve got some great tools for you to use that will change your situation for the good!

Prophetic Word: Healing, Redemption and Restoration [Episode 287]

I’ve got a very special prophetic word for the month of June and beyond. This message is sure to encourage you about the healing, redemption and restoration that is being imparted right now.

Stay Close to the Lord [Episode 286]

Want to be closer to the Lord? There are many things we can do to draw closer to God … and, in turn, He will draw us into His awesome presence!

Be Strong and Courageous [Episode 285]

The Lord is bringing His guidance and breaking off fear. It’s a time the Lord is renewing our strength, our courage … and bringing protection to us!

Restoration of Hope [Episode 284]

Need a shot of hope? The Lord is doing a deep work … healing and preparing us for what is ahead. The Lord is restoring hope to His people!

Prophetic Word: How to Pray for May [Episode 283]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I show you how to pray a special prayer strategy for May 2023. It centers around five key verses that are very powerful when prayed together.

Prayer, Healing and Restoration [Episode 282]

The Lord is moving! It’s time to wait on the Lord and ask Him for the plans and purposes to be revealed. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I share more instructions about how to break through things that have been holding us back. It’s indeed a time of change…

The Lord Is Moving [Episode 281]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you details of what season we are in and how important prayer is right now. In fact, I’m repeating last week’s episode because it outlines a very powerful way to pray to help you clear out old issues in your life!

Restoration Is Here [Episode 280]

We just celebrated Resurrection Sunday and the Lord said it was Restoration Sunday! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I keep you up to date on what God is doing in this season—details about Him releasing His good purposes and plans for your life!

Prophetic Word: New Strength and Joy [Episode 279]

This weekend, we are celebrating Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I share what God told me about this season. He is moving with breakthrough anointing, healing, angels, new hope and joy!

Breakthrough Is Here [Episode 278]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I outline a process the Lord gave me on how to bring positive change into your life, no matter what it looks like.
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