Spirit Connection Podcast

Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

We Are in a Full Circle Season | Tony Kim [Episode 326]

God doesn’t move us in straight lines, He moves us in circular patterns. He is bringing us full circle for His will in our lives—preparing us for a new trajectory to launch us forward with acceleration, breakthrough and recovery!

The Realm of Interaction with Holy Spirit | Sean Smith [Episode 325]

How often do you communicate with the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is our teacher, our counselor and our guide—and He has answers for our daily decisions and questions. In this episode of Spirit Connection, we have a special excerpt from Sean Smith. He describes a realm of interaction with…

Returning to Our First Love | Bonnie Jones [Episode 324]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, we have a special excerpt from Bonnie Jones. She shares how the body of Christ is ready to receive her first love. The veil of deception has been removed from the mind and it’s been replaced with the Spirit of Truth!

The Importance of the Bride | Bonnie Jones [Episode 323]

These are exciting days, and God has chosen each one of us to live in this specific time in the history of mankind—to fulfill His unique call on our lives—including the preparation of His bride.

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit | Sean Smith [Episode 322]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, Sean Smith shares about the world being hungry to see answers to terrorism, inflation, sickness and lack. In these times, God is equipping us to demonstrate the gospel of the Kingdom by drawing us into a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit—bringing us into…

Year 5784—Embracing the Sabbath Season | Tony Kim [Episode 321]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, Tony shares about what God is doing in this sabbath season—birthing His people from the “caterpillar’s cocoon” of rest into the butterfly stage where we can finally fly free. Heaven’s help is coming!

God’s Creativity in You | Brian Simmons [Episode 320]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, Brian shares about God’s creativity that is going to be released through YOU. There is a divine message and mandate on your life, and it just needs a spark of creativity to launch you into the next phase of your life.

Now Going On Our Sabbatical [Episode 319]

I have an exciting announcement. My wife Linda and I have been talking about taking a healing sabbatical for quite a while ... It is now time to start our sabbatical!

Be Strong in the Lord [Episode 318]

The Lord is moving in greater power right now! He’s releasing blessings, He’s releasing warring angels and protection angels. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I bring you some Bible verses that can help you stand strong … even if you’re in a place of uncertainty.

Standing in Prayer for the New Year [Episode 317]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, I pray for the Lord’s blessing over you and give you some powerful Bible verses to decree over your life!

A Christmas Blessing [Episode 316]

We want to give you a Christmas blessing in this special season. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I pray a blessing over you that is based on one of my favorite Psalms. And we pray you have a safe and fun holiday!

I Will Take Refuge in the Lord [Episode 315]

We need to take refuge in the Lord! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I bring you a message of encouragement … some powerful ways to use Scripture to deepen your hope and confidence in the Lord’s goodness and protection.
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